So its Friday which should really be a good day what with it being the end of the working week and what a week I’ve had. I am an payroll and accounts manager for a construction company in Cardiff. This week is VAT return week and as much as the boss’ daughter was supposed to be working with me over the last couple of weeks to lighten the load and learn a bit about the business she has managed to come into the office for 1 day! I mean I understand that my boss wants his daughter to have some experience in an office environment and work while she is off college but common!! 1 day…really! it seems pointless to go to the effort to get a new computer built and all the hassle of setting everything up on there let alone the cost of it if she isn’t even going to bother to turn up.  That’s gripe number 1.

Secondly its only 10.45 am and already I have a row with Dan.  Our arguments always seem to go down the same route every time.  They don’t start as arguing.  I have to manage his bank account as he is incapable of managing his own finances. The guy is nearly 30 FFS…. he needs to sort his shit out!

Basically he’s been paid today.  Weekly wage which is not to difficult to last 7 days before your next wage comes in, or so you’d think. He was so overdrawn that he was over his overdraft before the funds hit his account and is still about £300 in the red before he has even touched it! Its the same story every week.  The whole point of me having his bank card and managing his account was to get him back in the black but every time I start to make some form of progress with his finances he goes and buys something online (which I cant control) and fucks it all up again! Then proceeds to moan about the fact that he has no money! I am sick to death of it and just wish that he would take some sort of responsibility for his actions.  99% of the time I am expected to bail him out! Its just not fair.  His phone has been disconnected due to lack of payment and he has to call up companies who he has direct debits with to pay them a couple of days after they have been returned. Its ridiculous!

Despite the state of his finances, he arranged with a friend of his for us to go out for a meal tonight and is expecting to go to a car show up county this Sunday.  He doesn’t have two pennies to spare and naturally was expecting me to pay for this. I have put my foot down and explained that if you plan to go out for a meal then you should expect to pay the bill.  Back a year or so ago I probably would have paid but I am sick to death of being his go to when he has fucked up.  There is only so many times you bail someone out before you realise that they are never going to learn if you keep doing it for them.

When we got together (over 4 years ago) he was lovely.  He did everything he could for me, complimented me when I had clearly made an effort to get ready, made a real effort to take me to cool places that I’d never been before and was an all round a nice guy to be with.

Since then we have had the paranoia, the anger, the self pitty.  Its always what about me! If I want to tell him how I feel about something he has done that I either don’t agree with or was upset by it turns into a ‘what about me fest’. TBT I’m not far off losing my shit with him and kicking his lazy ass outta my life.

its amazing how even if you cant talk to an actual person about your problems, putting them down on paper (screen) makes you feel like a weight has been lifted.


To anyone who actually reads this crap, thanks for listening.


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